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Ziath Mirage用于超高通量测试SARS-Cov-2的机器人系统


ZiathHubrecht Institute (Utrecht, Netherlands荷兰乌得勒支研究所)合作,该研究所开发了具有开创性的自动测试机器人STRIP-1,该机器人可以在24小时内处理多达20000个样本用于SARS-Cov-2测试。

使用STRIP-1机器人系统进行自动SARS-Cov-2测试(由Hubrecht Institute提供).png

使用STRIP-1机器人系统进行自动SARS-Cov-2测试(由Hubrecht Institute提供)


Hubrecht 的两位研究院与本地仪器制造商Genmab的自动化专家紧密合作,开发STRIP-1。该团队决定在整个机器人工作流程中使用二维条形码管。通过将基于Ziath Mirage相机的2D扫描仪集成到自动化平台中来实现的。Mirage提供的高速读取和解码,在STRIP-1中扫描96个样本大约需要1秒,这是Ziath的核心优势,使机器人发挥最大的潜力,每天处理20000个样本。

基于Ziath Mirage相机的2D扫描仪在STRIP-1机器人系统上的应用.png

基于Ziath Mirage相机的2D扫描仪在STRIP-1机器人系统上的应用

"We hoped that we could organize everything in a faster and more intelligent way by using robots, so that became our focus almost immediately," said Wouter De Laat. The STRIP-1 robot was designed by Martijn Bosch according to optimisation of our SARS-CoV-2 test requirements. Bosch commented: "Not just the new robot system, but also the whole chain of events posed a challenge. From sample collection, registration, the logistics and the tracking of samples to the test itself and reporting the results, basically the entire chain of events from patient to test and back, that was the big challenge.” The Ziath Mirage ensures correct registration, tracking and reporting of the patient samples as they arrive in the lab and are re-formatted into 384-well PCR plates to increase throughput whilst conserving valuable and currently scarce PCR reagents.

“我们希望可以通过使用机器人以更快,更智能的方式组织一切,因此这立即成为我们关注的焦点”。STRIP-1机器人由Martijn Bosch根据我们对SARS-Cov-2测试要求的优化设计而成。Bosch评论说:“不仅是新的机器人系统,整个事件链都构成了挑战。从样品收集,登记,物流和样品跟踪到测试本身并报告结果,从患者到测试再到返回结果的整个事件链,都是巨大的挑战”。Ziath Mirage可确保在到达实验室后对患者样品进行正确的注册,跟踪和报告,然后将其转为384PCR板,以提高通量,同时节约有价值的和目前稀缺的PCR试剂。

The robot was ordered from Swiss automation company TECAN, who delivered and installed it just before Christmas 2020 at PAMM medical microbiology laboratory in Veldhoven, Netherlands. On January 27th 2021, Hugo de Jonge from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, visited the robot at the PAMM laboratory, as the Dutch government plans to order five more STRIP-1 systems in the future, if the validation procedure delivers the expected results. Together, these robots will be able to process more than 100,000 samples per 24 hours.


To see the STRIP-1 in action please visit https://youtu.be/ZHCFJDblIZs

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Robotic System for Ultra-High Throughput SARS-CoV-2 Testing - Ziath reports how it has worked with the Hubrecht Institute (Utrecht, Netherlands) which has developed a pioneering automated test robot, called STRIP-1, which can process up to 20,000 samples for SARS-CoV-2 testing in just 24 hours.